Review Paper Writing

Review Paper Writing

What is a review paper?

A survey paper is a review paper which aims to summarize, organize, and analyze the recent research and its results in an original way that it integrates the understanding to work contributing in the academic research field. A good review paper emphasizes and explores:

  • Strengths and weaknesses of the existing work
  • Comparisons of various studies done in the concerned research area
  • Why a particular area is of interest and what more work should be done in that area

Researchers often find writing review paper much difficult than evaluating the recent researches and collecting the relevant secondary data. The biggest challenge for the researchers is summarizing the key research work previously done in the academic field in a comprehensive manner. It should be written in a way to not let the reader lost his way in understanding what they intend to review and thus imply. Since the review papers can also be read by the readers who may not be experts in that field, each term, acronym, and concept must be explained well to establish the coherence of the paper. As a result, researchers spend more time writing the paper rather than reading and conducting the research which may distract the researcher.

How may we help you?

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