A Map of Current Research Trends: Exploring Developments in different domains of Research with technological interventions

A Map of Current Research Trends: Exploring Developments in different domains of Research with technological interventions

Regardless of the different roles in training, professional researchers need to be abreast with the new trends and techniques that are emerging in research. This will help them to excel in their career. Some f the predictive future trends in research are:

Predictive Analysis: It is a sophisticated form of analysis that uses current as well as historical data to help you predict future outcomes. The use of data analytics to predict the future is something that has been a practice for a long but specifically predictive analysis is the way forward in research. This is because of the advanced techniques that are involved in research. Some of the tools that have been used in the practice are machine learning machine learning, artificial intelligence, data mining, and statistical and mathematical algorithms. These advanced tools and models make it possible to predict the future based on current and historical data and the results are more dependable and reliable.

Predictive analysis has found a lot of use and application in the management field, primarily because of its accurate future studies and forecasting which find a lot of use in business models. The valuable information that is culled out by the predictive analysis can be used by organizations to make strategic decisions about operations and find out the opportunities and risks. The financial services sector or the government and law enforcement agencies can apply predictive analysis and forecast the market trends and create credit risk reports.  The data about crime reports and build-up information regarding the proactive measures related to safety.

The researchers need to keep abreast of this cutting-edge form of analysis because of the increasing usage. The rapid advancement in digital tools has changed the way research work is done and it can be daunting for researchers to stay up to date with new resources that are available to them. Some of the digital tools and responses that simplify the tools of the researchers are:

  • Search quicker and easier: Some of the new search engines that can help you to find the right kind of search engines for the right information are CiteULike, Google Scholar, and LazyScholar
  • Share data easily and faster: With new sites like Cold Ocean and Datahub providing data management, storage, and sharing easier, it has become common for researchers to work on data in a collaborative manner.
  • Electronic Referencing: Researchers can overcome the hassle of manual referencing and now with the popularity of sites such as EndNote, CitationStyles which assist in electronically managing references
  • Collaborating with fellow researchers: sites such as Academia and Addgene offer researchers the to get expert opinions, share their findings, and collaborate with like-minded researchers

Use of Data Visualisation in Research

Infographics have long found their use in educational material and more recently as storytelling on social media. We see pictures and videos which are depicting a clear trend toward visual communication in society. Visualization has now found its use in data analytics and research. It helps to present standard data and statistics and show them to the readers in an easy-to-comprehend and creative way.

Researchers in the present day should want to showcase effectively their analysis and must use technology in their analysis for better visual appeal and easier comprehension. For instance, presenting a numerical spreadsheet that is full of complex numbers and digits may boggle an average person but when the same information is presented in a graphic chart or by means of storytelling with images, it is obvious that the readers would have a clearer picture of the main points associated with the report.

 Those researchers who want to use this trend in practice should:

  • Look at the available visual options and try to incorporate the most suitable one from infographics, charts, or slideshow
  • Focus on the intellectual capacity of the audience and the key messages that need to be conveyed
  • Use the visual in such a way that it highlights the key points of the data rather than serving as a distraction of any sort from the main interpretation that needs to be drawn.

Management and Technology

After the pandemic turned around the way business operations are taken forward there have been technological advances in the open world and the employee retention practices are different. New advances in business practices can bring about new success in the industry. Technology in finance has brought forth Fintech as an emerging field of research. There are even subfields growing within FinTech

After the COVID-19 pandemic shook the very ground of business operations, from technological developments in open work to the need for employee retention practices, advances in business practices can bring further success to the industry. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is the shift from traditional centralized financial systems to peer-to-peer finance enabled by blockchain-based technology. DeFi eliminates the control banks and other financial institutions have over currency and other financial products. This technology enables secure and equitable access to anyone who has internet access. Still, in its early access, we would embrace the opportunity to support further research and deployment of DeFi.

As we are amid a global recession and as the world comes out of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are encountering issues in hiring and employee retention. From these blooms, a focus is on the study of Employee Empowerment. Employee empowerment encourages the autonomy of the worker and promotes employee decision-making and encouragement. A crucial topic for managers and business executives, further studies into the promotion of self-determination, competence, and meaning in employees can provide more answers to the difficulty that is employee retention.

Computer Science and Information Technology

There is constant development in the field of computer science and technology. A lot of new advancements are being made which could not even be imagined till about a few years back

One of these advancements has been made in the form of Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) and its uses in Deepfake content and programs such as StyleGAN and DeepDream. Emerging CGI technologies implementing machine learning and computer vision practices and artificial intelligence have many implications for society today and new practical uses are still being developed. Another field of interest in computer science and information technology is DNA Digital Data Storage, which is currently in its experimental stage. DNA Digital Data Storage encodes and decodes binary data to and from synthesized strands of DNA. This research has enormous potential at its current stage due to DNA’s high storage density.

Medicine and Healthcare

 There are more advanced solutions to medical problems to help overcome the health issues that at one point in time looked unsurmountable. Neural implants are there that are being studied to help patients recover from the negative impact of stroke and other kinds of brain surgeries. These implants have crossed the stage of animal testing and are being applied to humans at the nascent stage. The future looks like a lot of brain-related diseases such as Parkinson’s or epilepsy which are now irreversible can be better handled as research in neural implants picks up and reaches the level of being administered on a common man. Another important development in medicine research is with virotherapy. This technique focuses on converting virus into therapeutic agents and reprogramming them to treat diseases. This could further branch out into treating specific diseases such as gene therapy, cancer virotherapy etc.

Academics and Primary Education

Research as seen scope in the field of education and Academic like never before. The past few years have given a new dimension to the way education is taken forward. The Covid 19 changed the way educational institutions were teaching their students. When students started to learn from their devices, sitting at home the parental involvement increased and since them its has become a popular topic to investigate the role of parental involvement in the education of the child, researching not only the effects that parents have on their children’s education, but also methodologies involving how to best support education through parental involvement.

New technologies in education are another way. They feature a wide range of tools and presentations by the means of video games and gamify educations. Immersive educational experiences to young children and its impact on their learning and retention brings forth the ground breaking reality of education technology.

Media & Communications

 In the year 2019, the cell phone network companies introduced the 5th generation of broadband cellular networks. Around the world people got better bandwidth, higher download speeds and better internet service quality. 6th Generation or what we would call as 6 G is on its way. These 6G networks are expected to offer more than improvements in internet services, and are thought to eventually support applications beyond mobile use scenarios such as virtual/augmented reality, ubiquitous instant communications, pervasive intelligence, and the Internet of Things 

There is no debate over the COVID-19 pandemic’s influence on collaboration. Out of necessity, technologies surrounding mobile collaboration surged. Recent research into mobile collaboration has produced the sophistication of conferencing and telepresence systems as well as collaboration tools and transmission technologies. Mobile collaboration’s unique ability to allow multiple users in multiple locations to collaborate with one another has multidisciplinary uses that are being explored daily.

Social Sciences & Humanities

With the increase in the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) movement being surfaced out in the focus of the academic community, it is imperative to discuss the issues that take the society towards a free and equitable environment for all. gender studies have picked up lately in the field of research where it discusses how the societal perspectives and the varied influences on femininity and masculinity and the gender identities held by transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals. This topic holds a lot of relevance the understanding and importance of empowerment of women, men, and other genders towards a society that is more inclusive in nature and welcoming to the changing dynamics of gender. One more upcoming sociological field is generational studies. Development and advancement in medical science has surely increased longevity, causing more generations to collaborate in all environments such as   schools, offices, and homes. More research is needed to ensure ideal collaborative environments are formed, managerial strategies are applied, and society is ready to embrace as younger generations become more participative members of the society.

Law and Government

When Covid hit the world in 2019, all the facets of the society had to be shifted to online mode. This could be possible only because of the technological advancements made and some of the transitions that were by force due to the pandemic have retained and lot of work has permanently shifted to digital mode after the pandemic era. But the increased use of digitized services for different domains related to socialisation, banking, education, medical purposes has brought another concern in limelight which is data privacy. It has increased the vulnerability of everyday citizens. The data privacy legislations were prominent even before the pandemic but it has a pivotal place in research like never before because maintaining and safeguarding the privacy of the common man and ensuring the frauds and scams, he is vulnerable to via the digital medium, he gets safety from those, more research is needed to find ways and means to enhance safety and security.

Another area where spark in research is seen is management of disasters. This domain of research spans from managing natural disasters at a state-level to investigating the best technique to offer support in times of economic or health havocs. Further research into the field of disaster relief and management could potentially help governments around the world better prepare for global calamities such as covid 19.

Engineering and Sciences

The environment has been impacted and awareness and safeguarding the environment has impacted engineering practices as well. Researchers in the field of material science have been creating bioplastics which have been produced by biomass sources. The idea behind more and more research in this area is to cut down plastic waste from the ecosystem. The commercial significance of products and applicants that can potentially replace plastic or non-renewable products is an ever-increasing requirement.  Research with the involvement of technology can help in overcoming this problem that has been hanging like a sword for a long time.

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